Your Guide to Buying Floodlights

Your Guide to Buying Floodlights

Flood lights provide an economical way of lighting a considerable area without using expensive lighting fixtures and render a large amount of bright light. Flood lights can be used for lighting areas like swimming pools, porch or even basket ball courts. However, many people lack the necessary knowledge about floodlights and what factors do they need to take into consideration before buying one. When purchasing floodlight, the first thing to consider is their location i.e. where exactly are you going to place them. Then, you need to check the features that each type of light has to offers and figure out which bulb is best suited according to your use.

Choice of Finishes Available

There is no dearth of options when it comes to the finishes of flood lights. The most preferred options include copper flood lights, stainless steel flood lights and aluminum flood lights with colored lacquer on top. You can opt for any of the types depending upon the scheme and style of the place you wish to put them in.

Flood Lights with Motion Sensors

Some flood lights are fitted with infrared sensors that gauge the heat waves when something in motion comes within their range. The most common capabilities include a 180-degree motion with objects or people that are 75 feet away. Lights with motion sensors can remain on from 1-10 minutes (this varies from light to light) and are then automatically shut off.

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