Guide to Buying the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

When choosing a shower for your bathroom, the two important things that you need to consider is the size of your bathroom and the style of spray that you want. We all need a fresh splash of water every morning to refresh ourselves and stay so throughout the day. Therefore, investing in the right shower is more important than it seems. Let us explore the different types of showerheads so that you can have a clear idea about what you want to buy:

Rain Showers – offering the maximum amount of splash, rain showers have huge, flat heads that direct the spray down, straight on the user. These are usually mounted on the roof.

Single-head showers – these have a bulbous, adjustable nozzle that distributes the spray with patterns. You can adjust the spray from wide to concentrated streams using a small lever.

Body Sprays – multiple shower heads are integrated into the shower wall, warranting colossal spray for the entire body. The heads are flat or compact nozzles that flush to the wall surfaces.

Hand-held Showers – these have a single head sprayer attached to a hose that is quite flexible. Handheld showers are ideal for washing your back, hair or other hard to reach areas of the body. Those with limited mobility can benefit by installing a hand-held shower.

Buying Showers Online

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